Friday, December 3, 2010

snowy morning

The snow is slowly coming, letting us know winter is almost here!! I find great joy being outside (bundled up of course) when the snow is falling. Tis another one of mother natures natural mystics! So before you place cold judgement on snow, put on an extra layer of cloths and get outside and, dare I say it.....PLAY! Or simply be quiet and observe what is happening all around you! Besides, I'm all ready to build another snow fort with Pele' and Anth. I am also definitely ready to shovel the driveway with Becca, as in the long 25 years of her life, she has not yet shoveled ANY snow! That will soon change!
I am at work now (Ben and Jerry's) and am thankful we have great big windows at the front of the store, so I can continue to appreciate the snow that is falling, even from the inside! Besides, not much ice cream to be scooped on this blustery Cleveland day!

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