Thursday, December 2, 2010

Miles away and closer than ever before!

I love to sing, but in the recent past, i've needed to be QUIET and listen.  There are so many songs being sung at every single moment of the day.  A bird chirping outside a window.  The quiet breath of a loved one sleeping next to you.  The constant trickle of water, filtering in the fish tank.  Everything, everyone, has a song to sing.

I was jib jabbing jib jabbing along and could no longer hear the melody that is my song.  Once I realized I could no longer hear my melody i'm to be singing, I knew I needed to be listening.   During the early morning hours, all through the day and late into the night, I am listening.  Now I hear relationships as harmonies.  Each person, each spirit, has their own frequency, a vibration, a musical note.  When two people come together a melody and harmony are created.  Our "musical notes," change constantly and this is where our song lives.  

I am so grateful to have Rebecca to sing a song with.  Tis our song.  She inspires me everyday to be courageous, sing a true melody, and live within OUR harmony.  She is a very beautiful spirit and has lots of knowledge and caring to share with the world.  Try some of her delicious food recipes and get to know a peaceful and sustainable lifestyle by visiting her blog at

Lets talk about Reiki for a moment.  I've been practicing, or tuning in rather, more and more these days/nights, and it feels GREAT.  Beccs and I practice regularly together in the mornings and in nights.  In light of my "listening" journey, i'm learning to allow the universal energy to not only heal, but be a shield for protection.  In this holiday season and all the traveling that comes with it, I pray for EVERYONE to make it to their destinations and home again SAFELY!

Time to tune in.  I'll write again soon!


Brandon E. Kocher


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