Monday, December 6, 2010


Howdy folks!  This is a post turkey-day jam, filmed somewhere between here and there.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, with as much family as possible!  First we went to the family farm to visit Grandma, Uncle David, Aunt Cheryl (my God mother) and B-ry, my cousin.  Our feast was amazing and so was the booze!  The best part about all of this, is my Gma set her "i don't approve" attitude down,  and welcomed Becca to our family with arms wide open.  Thanks Grandma!  I guess I should preface this story by telling you that Gma had a conniption when I told her that Rebecca and I are living together now.  Gma has a very traditional stance on all this....."well Brandon, if you love her, why don't you just ask her to marry you!?!?!?!?"  You are right Gma, and I will, when the time is right.

The second leg of our Turkey-day extravaganza included much MUCH more driving.  We (Rebecca, Alex and I) drove (well, Becca and I drove......hem.....Alex.....) down to Fayetteville NC to visit my little sister Danielle and her boyfriend Andrew.  Danielle made so much wonderful food, it was amazing!  I am really proud of my little sis....all grown up and baking turkeys!!  We had a wonderful Saturday, starting with Beccs and I going for a run and then sharing a bagel!  The day quickly moved to all of us enjoying a few day drinks, some OSU kicking Michigan ass, a board game and lots of laughs! And with full belly's, after Danielle and Andrew's wonderfully prepared feast, we watched some Harry Potter.  Becs and I were on a "Harryathon" and are now finished.  Which means we can go see the new one in theaters now!  

I've been spending lots of time reflecting on how blessed I am in life.  I have my health, my family and enough love to satiate an entire world's need for affection.  I think that is why i've started this blog.....just so I can keep sharing some love.

Back to the beginning.....the song "Priority."  This song is a constant reminder that every human's basic needs (food, shelter, water, AIR), are what connects us.  ALL OF US!  All I want to know, is "What is your Priority?"

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