Monday, February 14, 2011

rhythm, running with your arms, and a a very beautiful sunset.

Howdy folks!

I am learning a LOT these days, about myself, about running, about the spirit that lives within and connects us all!

What happens when your mental goals don't match up with your bodies abilities?  Scary thought.  My run this morning got off to a very rocky start.  I have a bodily malfunction in my foot.  A couple of bones decided to grow too closely together and now they are very prone to pinching my nerves (between the ball joints of my right foot), which results in a severe "popping" sensation.  NO FUN!  This morning I took one step off my drive way and had a "popping" for the next 1/4 mile.  I actually had to take my shoe off, in this capricious Cleveland weather, just to massage my foot and help the bones not pinch the nerves!  Good decision, as I was then able to complete my entire run!  

I'm trying to strengthen my muscles/joints to help keep my legs in line, to avoid this very painful popping sensation.  Tis a great challenge, but i'm up to get down!

There is a great rhythm to life, and a great rhythm to running.  I LOVE RHYTHM!   I am a musician and thrive off of a new beat or melodic measure!  Running is an old, but now very new rhythm of life for me.....and I feel best and blessed when I run with my arms!  Not hold my arms, but utilize them to help carry my momentum, or rather, keep me on beat and keep me in line!

I've got lots to learn about running and the rhythm of life, so, any and all suggestions are welcome!

Before I close this message, I want to share with you an AMAZING Cleveland Ohio sunset!  (yes, the sun does shine....every once-and-a-while here in the great CLE.)


Lots of love your way,

Brandon E. Kocher

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