Friday, January 7, 2011


The excited/nervous feeling is officially here!  Rebecca and I will be going to Maui (where her family lives) for two whole weeks!  YEEHAW!  Excited, as we're going on a great adventure!  Nervous, as i'll be meeting Becca's entire family!  I am thankful to meet her family, as she's spent ample time with my crazy family.  It will be nice to finally reciprocate.

This will hopefully be the first of many trips to Maui.  There's been lots and lots of ideas out there, as to how we'll spend our time.  I just want to be open and absorb everything that is Maui and Rebecca's family and go with the flow.  Perhaps I'll ride that flow with a surfboard!

Next time we chat i'll be on an Island!  Til then, Peace and Love!

Brandon E. Kocher

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