Friday, April 13, 2012

Family first.

I'm so grateful Becs and I were able to have my mom and aunt Judi in our home for lunch over the holiday season.  Becca, mom and aunt Judi did girlie stuff, aka, worked on Becca's wedding dress while I happily went grocery shopping so I could make lunch for everyone.  While we were eating, something aunt Judi said about the greek lentil sandwich she enjoyed, was, "I learned this from Paul."

This is my cousin Paul 
Paul  is her soon and is older than me by just a couple months.  That resonated within me and I've thought about that comment for the past several days.  "I learned this from......"  It's cool to think that we can learn from anyone and everything around us.  Older, younger, artistic, scientific, musical or a bit flat....(that was a music joke).....plants, animals and everything in between.

Reflecting on this idea, I watched my puppy Pele' take a poop (which is a rare sight, as he's a shy pooper), and laughed, because i've learned so much from him and now his little (but BIG) brother Buck. You might still be wondering why I was talking about Pele' pooping and its all about communication.  Pele' and Buck tell me when they are hungry, when they need to go out, when they want their belly rubbed, when they want to snuggle and when they're excited to go on a walk.  COMMUNICATION.  It takes intuition and attention from all parties to communicate.  Which leads me to...(drum roll please) dynamics!  Dogs are pack animals and have totally reinforced what my parents always told me growing up.  "Family first."

Our puppies have taught me how to be responsible for someone else, as they depend on me.  I'm very grateful I have Rebecca to help us all live lovingly together.  Teamwork!!  I'm certainly glad to have her on my team!  Between the four of us under one roof, I've finally learned why my parents always told me "family first."

We all have two families in life.  The family we were born into, and the family we create.

Without further adue, let me introduce you to the family I am creating.  My beautiful fiance' and our puppies.


Our Puppy Pele'

 Our puppy Buck...short for Buckminster...long for Buuu!

 What have you learned from your puppies???

Peace and Blessings,

Brandon E. Kocher


  1. Thanks for sharing Brandon. Buck has gotten so "mature" looking, and you're right Becca is beautiful. Very sweet pictures.

  2. I love you. Also, Buck looks incredibly handsome in these pictures :)