Monday, February 27, 2012

"Keep your head up, Keep your heart strong!"

Changes in life happen ALL THE TIME!  The gears are always changing.  The wind is always blowing us from one season to the next.  We are always learning and breathing....and if not we're dead.  So as long as you're breathing, keep learning and moving and loving and BELIEVING!  Believing in what, is up to you to decide, but always be kind.  You might think this color is blue, but I see green.  It's still a color.  You will always be my brother, or sister, and it's ok to cry!  Smile when God gives you so much love you overflow just a little bit, or a lot-a-bit.  We're all pieces to the puzzle, we all fit.    

My brother shared a music video on FaceBook (the teller of all things) and it was just what the doctor ordered this morning.  Here is my mornings muse.  "keep your head up" I hope it's the spark that creates the fire under your ass to get ya moving, it certainly did for me.

What is your muse this morning?

Love and light,



  1. Beautifully put. I'm all into everything being interconnected.

    My morning muse is "have faith." Things are working out, even if you're not sure how.

    Enjoy -


    1. Kristian, thank you for sharing! That is a very inspiring music video. Also, I like that mantra..."have faith." I pray that you do!